Friendly Friday: Splendor in the Grass

Amanda’s Friendly Friday Challenge is Splendor in the Grass.

It’s a bit of a toughie for me since I rarely do landscape photography. But on a trip to Bali, I had an enforced stop at a rice field. Our guide thought it important that we take pictures of this scene.

We were en route to a local market. These are some other scenes from that day.

Bali, Indonesia. 2015


  1. We couldn’t just have a landscape post from you, Sandy, could we? And I am so glad for it. Even though the fields were interesting to see and not that different from other places, the fourth shot in caught my eye with the softer green on the grass heads. However, I am so thrilled to see some excellent market shots, with different angles and composition from the norm. The stairway shot is really worthy of a photographic exhibition. What a story it suggests. Thanks for contributing these, Sandy. It was an absolute pleasure to view them.

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    1. Glad you liked the photos Amanda !
      An interesting thing on the fourth shot is the grid thing in the left corner. It’s a platform to hold canang sari – daily offerings to Balinese gods. In Bali, you’d see these all over. In the market photos you can see them for sale at the vendor stalls.


          1. I know Bali is beautiful but far too hot for me! I hate humidity and it is hard to escape it. I do like liking at pictures though. My neighbour has booked to go to Bali- 3 times. Each time something dreadful is happening and she’s had to cancel. This time it’s a Pandemic. At the minute, it is off bounds.

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