Guest Post: Friends and Family

For this week’s Friendly Friday, I’m happy to feature a Guest Post written by Jen, an enthusiastic regular in our photo challenges. In her blog Heavens to Betsy Jen shares wonderful insights on her home and family life. Jen’s story is an incredible one. It began with the dreadful wildfires in California, 2018. But let’s hear Jen tell her story …

Hello friends! 

First, I’d like to thank Sandy for having me here to visit as a guest blogger. Isn’t she amazing? These Friendly Friday Photo Challenges are so much fun! I have really been enjoying the weekly photo “assignments”, they stretch my creativity and spark so much joy for me. 

If you don’t already know me, here’s a quick introduction: my name is Jen (my blog is named after my mom) and I am a 40-year-old, Christian homeschooling mama of 3 amazing kiddos, and wife to my wonderful husband who works in IT (whatever that means). We are survivors of the worst wildfire in California history. That fire happened on November 18, 2018 and destroyed nearly the entire town of Paradise, California. I know it probably seems like that was a long time ago but I can still see the ash falling from the sky as I ran out of the house with my children, and I can tell you exactly what we were wearing. After we lost everything in the fire, my husband and I decided to purchase a pre-owned 35-ft Winnebago and we lived in it full-time for 10 months. That’s when I really started blogging. We recently moved back into a “regular” house in a different town in California.

The theme of this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is “Friendship”. When I think of friendship I think of my kids’ friends and my own who live all over the United States. We have amazing friends across the county from one coast to the other! We recently moved to a new city and due to COVID-19, we haven’t had much opportunity to make new friends here in town yet. So, right now, our best friends are each other. 

I’m afraid my photos will feel more like they belong in a theme titled “family” instead of “friends”. Then again, our very best friends do feel like family don’t they? Sometimes the line between who counts as friends and who counts as family can get blurry.

After all, before my husband was my family he was just my friend…

Friendship is … turning into more

Friendship is… remembering the past

I hope this post inspires you to appreciate relationships with family and friends in your life. May you cherish the memories and moments of joy and love you spend with those loved ones. If there is a broken relationship in your life that needs mending, I hope that you consider taking the first step toward healing it. If you don’t have as many supportive people by your side as you need, I hope you find opportunities to create new connections. Friendship is a gift and a blessing. Remember that the best way to have a friend is to be one!

Thank you so much for reading my post and taking a look at some of my favorite photos! 

Pictures and text written by Jen.

You can visit her blog at HEAVENS TO BETSY


      1. Hi Sandy, I’m glad I found your blog and hello to another blogger in Canda. I linked to the post through Jen’s blog, whom I recently met.
        Sorry about the confusion. My comment recipient was vague. Eeek! It was for the entirety of Jen’s post, as well as your short but sweet introduction. Seamless…
        I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and I’ll be back to see your posts. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hi Esther. No need to apologize. I just wanted to make sure that you & Jen connected. It seemed to me that you have a lot in common. I’m glad to hear that you did. I hope you do come by & explore my blog. I do sometimes talk about the Bay Area as my daughter lives there too. Small world, indeed!


          1. Hi Sandy, yes we did connect! It’s great to meet another homeschooler around here.
            Blogging shows me that the world is small indeed. People here and people there with family and friends. I’d love to read your stuff about the Bay area…you have a connection here too.

            Liked by 1 person

  1. Thanks ever so much for being Sandy’s guest, Jen. What a story of resilience and love runs through your post? Your kids look like they really are the best of friends, as do the photos of you and your husband.
    I do like the way you finished your post, with a challenge, to readers, to mend a broken relationship. Treating everyone with loving kindness is my goal each and every day. I think you have already found that. Hugs from Down Under.

    Liked by 2 people

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