More about making Chang

Shortly after my failure at making bak chang in Singapore, I discovered an ingenious device in San Francisco’s Chinatown. I wrote about it here …

Curious Finds in San Francisco’s Chinatown

The first hint that someone had been through our luggage were our books.  They’d been moved from the bottom of the suitcase to the top.  The second hint was the printed notice from the San Francisco TSA saying they’d searched our bags.   I wondered what they’d seen to provoke them riffling through our dirty laundry. …


    1. I love wandering around Chinatowns too. The shops are chock a block with stuff and it’s an adventure to find stuff. Great if you’re just browsing. Not so great if you’re trying to find something specific. You’re right Neil, the pandemic’s made this kind of wandering around problematic. One day though … ntil then, I hope you can wander around the blog-osphere and keep your curiosity satisfied 🙂

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