Prague Street Photography

Lately I’ve been experimenting with photo videos. I started doing this a couple years ago after attending a workshop on documentary videos. I don’t do a lot of these. It’s very time consuming and music copyrights make sharing difficult. But after playing around with WordPress’s new editor, I noticed that the slideshow feature is much improved. So I’m trying something different today …

This is a collection of street photos taken in Prague. I made a video offline where I synchronize the pictures to a soundtrack of Parov Stellar’s song COCO. I’ve replicated the video here with a slideshow. To view, I invite you to click on the YouTube link to hear the music with the photos. The beat and transitions are almost the same. The sequencing is good except that I can’t seem to control the first slide (Praha) to start the slideshow’s auto play. Are you a WordPress Guru? I’d appreciate any hints on how to do this.

My first lesson in video making was that sound is just as important as imagery. Maybe more so. On this trip I took a lot of photos, many of which were not great individually. They showed better as a collection and when composed with music, seemed much improved as a whole.

What did you think of Parov Stelar’s song? According to Wikipedia his music is electro-jazz-hip-hop. It’s an unusual sound and a bit of a departure for me. But I liked it for my video. What about you? Did you like it? Or do you have another idea for a backtrack? I’d love to hear suggestions.

Photos taken in Prague, Czech Republic.


    1. It’s good to visit Prague again through your photos!.
      The metro station is on the same line but on a different stop – you can’t see in my pic, but it’s the red stations – Staromestska. I don’t know if it’s true of all stations on Line A , but several of them have the same distinctive wall treatment in the tunnel. The stations are differentiated by color. Staromestska is red and Malostanska is green.

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    1. Hello Cassie. I visited Prague two years ago. I’m fortunate to have seen this part of the world before Covid-19. I expect that in Prague today, people in the street will look different.

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  1. Hi. My tech abilities are very limited. Maybe the WP help desk people can help you out.

    I like the music. It has a lot of tension and dimensions. But it’s not a style of music I listen to too much. You’ve done a good job. You’re very creative!


    1. iMovie is the industry standard and best tool available. Unfortunately I am not a MAC person and I haven’t found an equivalent elsewhere. Nowadays I use a combination of Lightroom and Modavi to lay everything down.
      I like the imagery in your ‘City Web’ video. Very atmospheric. The ambient track is foreboding, no doubt what you were aiming for.
      I think there has to be a better way to select soundtracks. I’ve spent hours searching through YouTube free-music catalogs and even though they have good options, they’re never quite right. Seems to me I could spend more time searching for music than processing my photos. Another reason I don’t do many of these videos 🙂

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    1. Hi Amanda, sorry about that. I changed the link. Let me know if it works now. How frustrating that this always happens with you. It must have something to do with being south of Capricorn!

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