Lens Artists: Delicate Colors

In the citadel there is a narrow street and an ancient door
Hundreds of people ghost past it
Hundreds have and hundreds will
For a hundred years and a hundred more.   

These photos were taken at the old citadel in Prague.  The location has a magnificent cathedral which  I found far too grand  to photograph. Instead I focused on a side door and experimented with the ebb and flow of pedestrians walking by.

When Ann Christine posted her topic  for Lens Artists Photo Challenge #98, I thought of this collection.  The delicate and ghostly colors offer a sense of fragility against the solid permanence of the door.  Uncannily appropriate for these times.

 Vyšehrad Citadel in Prague, Czech Republic



    1. It’s so true. Of course, none of this occurred to me when I started playing with the photos. In fact I was prepping for something else entirely. I was going to put this set aside but then I saw the LAPC theme. It’s always nice when a challenge pulls together something I wouldn’t have thought of naturally. Thanks for appreciating it Amanda.


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