Friendly Friday: Surprises of Whimsy & Magic

Amanda’s Friendly Friday Challenge is SURPRISE  and it brings to mind all the pleasant surprises I had during my walks on Ucluelet’s Wild Pacific Trail.   Some were astonishing vistas of  sea and coast. Others were flights of fancy designed by nature and helped along by friendly hands.

Walking through the coastal rain forest it’s easy to get lost in whimsy.

Moss covered cedars look like Seussian trees hugged by lovable teddy bears.

Twisted cedars with arms worn smooth by magical creatures resting in midnight perches.

Shady glades with  tree trunks and cubby holes leading to secret places.

On misty mornings,  if you look carefully you might find miniature fairy houses built of stone and  hidden in cedar branches.

And if you’re very very careful and  extraordinarily lucky you might even see the rarest of all fairy tale creatures,  the  Shaggy Forest Pony Bear.

Photos taken in Ucluelet, B.C. August 2018


    1. Aah – you’ve discovered the hidden SURPRISE in my photos! 🙂
      It’s true that PNW has lots of rain. Ucluelet in particular is 5th rainiest city on Canada’s west coast. However it also has glorious days of sun. The local joke is that it has the highest rainfall but the rain drops here are much larger.

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      1. The moss is the giveaway, but I know it can be sunny. The first time I camped at the Hoh Rain Forest in Washington State, temperatures were in the 90s and it just seemed weird. Next day, they’d dropped into the 60s, and it was damp and misty, and all seemed right with the world again.

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    1. These places are all within 15 minutes walk or ride from our second home on Vancouver Island. The fairy house is on the beach in front of our place … it only appears on misty mornings, right before the fog disappears and then it’s gone 😉

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        1. Absolutely! There’s rain, mist & fog but also sunshine, surf and beach and in winter, there are spectacular storms. Storm watching is a popular attraction in winter.


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