Museum Day

Today is International Museum Day and Magnum Photos has an excellent feature on photographer Elliot Erwitt.

Erwitt’s photographs capturing candid moments of people viewing art … showcase the cultural importance of these (museum) venues, while finding space to be playful within their traditional parameters. “I am a dedicated people watcher who loves to see art and art watchers watching,” Erwitt writes in his book, Museum Watching. “For a photographer, rather than fly casting, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.”

The Art of Looking at Art – by Ellie Howard · May 18, 2020

I may not be a museum lover but I do like art and people watching.  I am now inspired to visit a museum and take pictures but who knows when that’ll be.

The last time I visited a museum, it was the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in NYC.  Here are a few photos.

Photos taken at MOMA, New York City, 2018


  1. I love museum and can spend hours in there.
    I remember going to the Moma years ago, but I’m not so much into modern art as I used to in my twenties!
    I can’t wait for our museums to be open again…

    Beautiful black and white photos. Very arty!

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    1. Museums opening are not so far off as they were before. I hear that they starting to re-open in Italy!

      Thanks for commenting on the photos Vero. Glad you liked them.

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  2. The museum’s might be concerned too, for without visitors they flounder. Hopefully they are using the time to renovate and rejunevate their displays. I had no idea there was an international day dedicated to museums. That is cool!

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    1. I had no idea either. It’s just because I read the Magnum Photo article. The photo collection is humorous & tongue in cheek. If you haven’t yet, I’d recommend clicking through the link.


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