Drive-in Entertainment

In my last post I whined about things I missed about city life.   I could have included  museums, live theater and cinemas.  Well, not museums.  I’m not much of a museum fan.  But there was this one big exhibit planned for the summer.


It was an immersive art exhibit and light show where visitors could walk through rooms filled with Van Gogh masterpieces. Toronto was slated for the world premiere after its showing in Paris.  But like every other art event in the city, it was postponed and seemingly canceled.

But not so.  Taking a page from the past, the creators changed the exhibit from a walk through to a drive-thru.  Relocated to a gigantic warehouse, patrons could drive in and experience the show from their cars.

I wonder if there’ll be a similar resurgence of drive-in movies. Do you remember those? Way back, when I was very young, my parents would take me on their date night out. They’d settle me in the back seat with my pillow and blankie. I’d watch the opening cartoons and fall asleep before the featured event.  Sometimes, they’d throw the  blanket over me early on and tell the ticket collector that I was already asleep.

I wonder if that trick would still work? These Van Gogh tickets are not cheap.  The kids could drive through with old granny (me) in the back seat. Don’t mind her, she’s always dozing off anyways.  

Toronto, Canada. May 2020



  1. I think the Van Gogh exhibit would be a must see. I read that drive-ins are very popular right now because they’re about the only because they’re about the only place one can go for entertainment. I was lucky that there was a drive-in where I used to live in Washington State. I tried to go at least a couple of times every year, because it was a fun time and I never knew whether it would be around next time I wanted to go.

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    1. An old style drive-in movie would be fun. Unfortunately here, all the venues have long since been converted into housing developments and condos.

      Still, it’s interesting to see how old ideas are being refashioned. In Europe they’ve had drive-in raves to replace clubbing. Somewhere in New York there’s a restaurant that’s converted their parking lot to serve curb side while a movie is showing on the wall. In Toronto, one of my favorite bands July Talk, just announced that they’ll have drive-in concert.

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  2. A fantastic initiative by the Van Gogh exhibit and really great problem solving in this Covid environment. I am one of the oldies, so I do remember the drive-ins and I remember being a child with a blanket thrown over me in the back seat and having to be quiet as a mouse and pretend I wasn’t there so my parents could save money on a ticket. Lol at you being the sleeping Granny on the back seat.

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  3. Wow that’s amazing, I would definitely go. I miss museums so much!! I’ve never been to a drive-in movie, I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of one being arranged here!

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    1. Suvi – You’re too young! You should check with your parents if drive-in were ever a thing in Finland. It was very popular back in the ’50s and ’60s but I think it fell out as soon as the large scale cinemas came into being. In Canada, the combination of weather & the long days of summer, made drive-ins very seasonal. I grew up in the tropics where night fell like a blanket by 6:00pm, so drive-ins were more popular.


      1. I had to Google and apparently there are drive-in movies outside the capital area but not many. Also it seems that’s someone tried to start one now that corona has closed off all movie theaters but because events of over 10 people were banned at the time (now over 50), it was not allowed!!! Boo!


        1. It’ll come! In my reply to Woolly, you’ll see that Germany and (I think it’s) Denmark is way ahead in innovating drive-in entertainment. They’ve had drive-in raves and concerts. People are so creative. I think we might not go immediately back to the old normal. In the meantime, it’s interesting to see our rapidly evolving, new normal come into being 😉

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