Friendly Friday: Night time

Amanda’s Friendly Friday Challenge is NIGHTIME which set me thinking about all the trips where I didn’t send a postcard.  So just like the Christmas cards I send out  in January, here are my postcards.

Dear All, having a lovely time in Hong Kong harbor where every night is celebrated with a Symphony of Lights. It’s a spectacular show of shooting lasers and syncopated lights.  It’s all too much to photograph. Too much light and motion on top of endless lights and motion.  Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps.  How can it when the lights never go out? XOXO See you soon! 


Dear All, having a lovely time in Kyoto. I haven’t seen any geishas but the river bank is lined with lantern balls and people in traditional Japanese dress.  Dressing up in kimonos is a popular activity here. Apparently tourism boomed after the movie ‘Memoirs of a Geisha.’  One day I’ll have to watch it. Wish you were here! 

Kyoto 2

Dear All, having a lovely time in Osaka which is 24 minute train ride from Kyoto! 15 minutes by bullet train!  I’m walking the streets (ha ha) of Dotonbori , a fabulous night entertainment district.  Lot’s of restaurants and street performers but this street block of billboards is famous. That’s the Glico Running Man who’s distantly related to the Energizer Bunny. Just kidding. See y’all soon. 

Osaka 2

Dear All, having a lovely time in Tokyo.  I can’t visit Japan without stopping in Tokyo. I’m in Omoide Yokocho which means ‘Memory Lane’  in polite company and ‘piss alley’ in not so polite. So called in the 1940’s because it had so many bars and no public washrooms. Thank goodness it’s all cleaned up now.   Although I haven’t found any public washrooms yet!   No drinks for me!    Love & kisses!


Dear All, having a lovely time in Seoul. We’re just in time for the annual Lantern Festival and the high point is the parade.  It went on for hours! Hundreds of lanterns and floats. And the best part – all manner of people in the parade – old and young.  No ageism here but you have to have stamina!  


Thanks to Amanda for another fun excuse to play around with old photos 🙂

Toronto, Canada. April 2020


  1. I’ve been to all these places except for Seoul. I went to Osaka, but it was only for a day. It was our last city from our three week trip through Japan. I’d love to explore more one day.

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    1. I’m so glad that I explored these areas before. I would love to re-visit and explore again but it’ll probably be a while before I can again. In the meantime, I’m glad I took pictures 🙂


    1. In Japan and other Asian cities, it seems as if they’re obsessed with lighting up the night. It is very wild and quite different from nature’s night. Thanks for dropping by Graham.

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