I’m still playing around with photos.

I had an idea to transform a portrait into a graphic image.  I though I’d share the transformation steps with you.  Maybe you’ll want to experiment too!

The most critical step was the first one. Selecting a photo which suited the purpose. It had to be clutter free with a striking focal point. I selected this photo because I liked his strong features and it had a clean background.

Original Photo

To transform the photo into a painterly image, I used Nexmuse to Turn Your Photos Into Art, using their ‘Pop Art Red’ style

Screen capture of Nexmuse

The ‘Pop Art Red’ style didn’t have enough orange intensity for me, so I loaded the image into Lightroom and adjusted the colors a bit more.

For a finishing touch, I loaded this image into Adobe Spark and added text and backdrop.

Screen capture from Adobe Spark

Resulting in this final image.

What do you think?   Is this something that you’d like to give a try?

Ping me back here or at RE-IMAGINE ORANGE so that I can see!

Toronto, Canada. April 2020


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