Friendly Friday: YELLOW

Amanda’s Friendly Friday Challenge is YELLOW.

It’s an easy topic with potential for all kinds of subjects. Flowers, lemons, dogs in hats –  all manner of things are yellow and safely photographed from a proper social distance.

For me though, I think I’ll share one two of my home-bound projects featuring things  that are yellow.

Project #1: Pasta

Days before home isolation became a thing, I had my last Italian Cooking class.

Chef taught us how to make fresh pasta from scratch. He also showed us how to make a spinach-cheese filling and stuff it into little Anolini, Tortellini, Capelliti and Ravioli. All of which took a tremendous amount of time and fiddling. I made two of each, gave up on the rest and took the pasta dough home to make tagliatelle.  It was wonderful.

Since then I’ve made pasta from scratch several times. It is so satisfying to transform simple ingredients (flour, eggs, oil)  into silky smooth, delicately yellow, thoroughly delicious noodles.

I’ve cooked the pasta plain with sage butter; tossed with butternut squash and garlic;  coated with Bolognese and drenched with sausage and black olives. As I’ve expanded my recipes, I’ve discovered that the Flour:Egg ratios are the same for European pasta and Chinese noodles. The same pasta was equally good in Chinese soups and stir fried chow mien noodles.

Do you make fresh pasta from scratch?  Would you like to try?

Project #2: Photo Collages

I’ve been experimenting with ways to transform and re-format photos.  Just like pasta and ravioli, this can be either easy or tedious. My favorite tool is Adobe Spark.  With a few clicks, I can compose photos, text and color into eye catching visuals.

Adobe Spark
Free stock images from Adobe

It’s a bit of cheat for a photo challenge, I know. But I don’t pretend that these are my photo’s – the lemons, the pug and the sunflower are all free stock.  The collage is my submission 🙂

What do you think?  Would you give it a try?

Thanks to Amanda for her Friendly Friday Challenge this week.

I’m still figuring out what mine will be next. Stay tuned!

Toronto, Canada. March 2020



  1. I’m made pasta this week for my lasagna. I had actually never thought about it even though I had tried homemade pasta before. But for some reason, I never thought of how easier homemade lasagna could be. And they were soooooo good!

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    1. Making pasta is kind of a zen art, isn’t it? My family loves lasagne but I have to be in a mood to make it. All the different components – meat sauce, bechamel, cheese filling take time. I can just imagine how good it’d be to add homemade pasta. What a way to spend the afternoon!

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      1. I chose the easy route. No meat. My daughter did the béchamel while I prepared the pasta. Then layered pasta, fresh leaves of spinach, béchamel. Repeat all the way to the top. Add cheese. Oven. Tadaaaa!

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      1. That’s great Sandy because my next project is dogs in hats. It might take a while because I’m only photographing Italian Greyhounds.🐶

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  2. A very interesting take on the challenge Sandy. I think it’s great to extend the boundaries of what we would normally post and this one is educational and informative as well. Wonderful!
    I almost want to make my own pastaafter reading this, but don’t want to buy a pasta machine and and am put off by how tedious it might be. One day, I might give it a go and now I got perfect recipe to do that.
    I also like your graphic for the photo challenge and I think it is good thinking to use stock images at a time of isolation, such that we are in. Have you ever tried Canva? It is a another free app, for this purpose.


    1. I haven’t tried Canva yet. I will have a look.
      I know that I have been re-considering how to do Photo Challenges. I am not going out as much and it’s kind of depressing to look at photos of all the places I cannot visit. For me, I’ve settled on using photos to augment posts, rather than pure photo blogging. We’ll see how this plays out … especially since I’m hosting next!


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