Friendly Friday: RAILS

This week, Amanda’s Friendly Friday Challenge is to share a photograph with RAILS.

In my archives, this photo was an obvious candidate for the challenge.  It’s stark and austere, resonating with all the dire warnings to self-isolate and stay away from people.

I don’t like it for exactly those reasons.

In times like these I want to see color and vibrancy.  If I can’t go out and travel now, then at least I can celebrate the times when I did.

I’m not Blue (Cuba)
Real Men are not Afraid of Pink Walls (Cuba)
Sunset on Davis Bay (Canada)

Many Thanks to Amanda for another thought provoking theme.

Keep safe folks. Wash your hands. Practice safe social distancing. Don’t go off the rails πŸ™‚

Toronto, Canada.  March 2020



  1. That photo of the young man on the steps of the pink walls is a great photo, Sandy. I am not sure what it is that captures my attention – it seems pensive, but also nonchalant. A great people study.
    Good advice with the final suggestions. We should all practice them.

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    1. Have you ever taken a photo where you wished you’d taken it differently? For me, this is one of them. When I first saw the scene, I knew it’d be a great shot. He’s the ultimate machismo figure against a brilliant backdrop. What was sweet & I didn’t get to shoot, was when he helped a little old lady down the stairs πŸ™‚

      Every time I look at this photo, the one thing I regret is not taking it in 16×10 mode. When I do street, I normally keep my frame settings the same. In this case, I really should have adjusted it. I couldn’t have stepped back because the street was narrow but changing the frame would have been possible . Ah well. Live & learn.

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        1. In my case above, it would have expanded the frame & allowed me to take a wider horizontal shot. Conceptually, you can compare it to holding your camera in vertical or horizontal mode OR using portrait vs landscape mode.
          Case in point, the Sunset photo was taken with a 16×9 setting. Normally, I have enough sense to change the setting when I take landscape pictures.

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          1. Ah, I see the difference in the settings for the photos now. That is definitely something I can investigate a little more. I learnt something new – thanks, Sandy! That could even be a possible theme for a future Friendly Friday – different angles and frames? I do change landscape to portrait which frustrates my husband when he is looking at the photos on the desktop and I can definitely see the usefulness of this – it would save crop editing afterwards and allow for a better inclusion of features you wish to capture.

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          1. I was introduced to bands like REM, U2 and X through the Stony Brook University radio station who were not only commercial free but the clearest one around. Those were the days of Marantz, Pioneer and Headphones.

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