Lens Artists Photo #87: Reflections

For this week’s  Lens Artists Photo, Miriam prompts us with Challenge #87: REFLECTIONS

Looking through my archives, I found this photo and thought about using it for the challenge.  It’s a view of Singaporean shop houses viewed two ways – straight up and via an overhead traffic mirror. If points mattered at all, I suppose I could go for a two-fer and submit this photo for both this week’s Challenge #87 and last week’s Challenge #86 on PERSPECTIVE 😉

Singapore shop houses with a view from a traffic mirror
Two views of Jhoo Chiat Shophouses (Singapore)

But there aren’t any points awarded, right?  So onwards …

Somewhat in keeping with my Friendly Friday: ART UNEXPECTED theme, I thought I’d share a couple photos which play with light and reflections for some unusual results.

This photo is of a wall in a subway train station.  It’s a high gloss, graphic art piece and like most murals, best seen in person rather than in photo. I tried to capture the energy of the space, by playing around with the reflections and motion blur of commuters.

Reflections on a subway train station  (Singapore)

Tung Choy Street in Hong Kong (aka Goldfish Market) is lined with shops selling tropical fish for pet aquariums. Hundreds of fish are mounted on wall racks for an unusual and evocative display.  I’m not sure how I feel about all these fish in plastic but from what I saw, they were well cared for. Certainly the displays were eye catching. Like pet stores everywhere, little kids were drawn to the colors and quick movement of the fishes. No doubt the fishes were drawn to the colors and movement on the street too.

Gold fish for sale in plastic bags

Many thanks to Miriam from The Showers of Blessings for guest hosting this challenge.


Photos taken in Singapore & Hong Kong.  Posted March 2020.


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