Lens Artists Challenge #86: Perspectives

Lens Artist Photo Challenge #86 is PERSPECTIVES

Patti invites us to change the way of looking at a scene and photograph from different perspectives.

These two shots were taken of the same manhole cover.  By simply walking around and getting a different light and angle, an ordinary picture became a dramatic statement shot.

The location is the Distillery District in Toronto.  This is a historic site famous for it’s 19th century industrial architecture. Today it’s a restored art and culture hub with restaurants, cafes, shops and  galleries. On this particular day, my photographic inspiration was an old Dodge truck.

I always like to take a context shot …

… before zooming in on details.

Sometimes, I like to get in really close. In the process, I lose the perspective of the bigger picture while creating a grander perspective of a very small one.

Many thanks to Patti for this week’s prompt.

Toronto, Canada. March 2020


  1. I love the truck shots! A couple of weeks ago I went to an old car restoration place to photograph the big old grills and hood ornaments. I must have gone five times in different light and just couldn’t get the image I wanted. Maybe the sixth time is the charm?

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