If we were having coffee …

If we were having coffee …  I’d tell you that I’m being entirely self-serving by resurrecting an old meme for my Friendly Friday Challenge: Coffee Conversations. I haven’t posted anything recently for #weekendcoffeeshare. Not since I left Singapore and the coffees I’ve had, have been mostly home brewed.

Coffee talk with PostIt message to Keep Smile

But if I were to post again, I’d tell you that my now favorite coffee is Kirkland’s Espresso blend from Costco.  I like my coffees dark, rich and smoky.  I also like buying them in bulk – a de facto standard when shopping at Costco – and in whole beans, for that fresh ground flavor.

I also like it that Costco delivers direct to my home. This is especially important when I’m at my summer retreat on Vancouver Island and Costco is a four hour drive away.  So is MacDonald’s, Starbucks and Tim Horton’s by the way. In the village there’s a ban on all franchises. Which is a good thing. It keeps the local economy local.  But it’s inconvenient when I have a sudden urge for cheap coffee and carby donuts.

Speaking of cheap coffee and donuts … in Canada we have an immensely popular coffee chain called Tim Horton’s. Ever heard of it?  It’s not well known outside of Canada but it’s an institution here.

In downtown Toronto every street block has a Tim Horton’s.  A person dying of caffeine thirst wouldn’t have to walk 500 meters to find one. For out of town Toronto, coffee relief is only a drive-thru block away.

I admit though, this used to puzzle me. I mentioned that I like my coffee dark & strong. Tim Horton’s coffee is not that. Served with the Canadian favorite ‘double double‘ (double cream, double sugar), it is so far removed from dark & strong … that it could be called tea. Whoa. Stand down Tea Drinkers & Double-Doublers! I’m only JOKING 🙂

Good news is that Tim Horton’s recognized that they were missing a market (me) and started brewing a second, darker coffee blend.  It ain’t bad.  Coupled with a Honey Dip and a breakfast sandwich, it’s quite good.  Especially after a long four hour drive from my Vancouver Island retreat.

In Toronto & and only a block away from Tim Horton’s.
February 2020


    1. It’s ok to be both. Even at the same time.

      I response to Manja post, I mentioned that in Hong Kong there a drink called Yuanyang that’s made by combining milky black tea with brewed coffee. Have you ever tried it? It’s not so common outside of Hong Kong but it’s available in HK type diners in larger Chinatowns (like we have in Toronto).

      Thanks for participating in the challenge!

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      1. Oh really? I did not know about Yuanyang. That sounds interesting and I am hoping it tastes delicious too…milky black tea and coffee…you can’t go wrong with that! Boston and NY both have pretty big Chinatowns…maybe the next time I go to Boston (that’s where we go more though NY is closer!), I can try to find it:)

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