Friendly Friday: Odd Couple

This week Amanda’s Friendly Friday Challenge is ODD COUPLES. 

It’s a tough one.  I combed through my photo archives and found nothing. Thing is, I take lots of pictures with odds: odd number of subjects (one or three) or unusual oddities.  But odds of twos? Not so much.

As I was looking I came across this set.  It was during a photo walk in Bukit Pasoh with my friend and photo buddy Lisa.  We were an odd couple.  Two gals roaming the streets of Singapore – one who looked like a local (me) but wasn’t and the other who was a local (she) but enjoyed playing tourist. Together we discovered parts of Singapore we didn’t know before.  Along the way we took some wonderful street photography.

Coincidentally, this particular walk resulted in a photo set used in a response to  my very first Friendly Friday challenge on Chairs. It was a first and it’s still going!

Many thanks to Amanda for this week’s challenging Friendly Friday topic. Next week, I hope to keep up the challenge and keep it as interesting & thought provoking.

Photos taken in Bukit Pasoh, Singapore. February 2020


  1. Those chairs, Sandy – so reminescent of spring in their daffodil yellow print. And what fun pictures with the mirrors. It sounds like you had a lovely time and fun to swap roles for a time! I love that this harkens back to your first Friendly Friday contribution.

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