Wordy Wednesday Travel Photo: Sight Seeing

When you travel, do you go site seeing or sight seeing?  Normally I do the latter.  Sometimes I luck out and do both.   I might be at a site and another unexpected and totally delightful sight presents itself.  Like this one.

I can’t even remember which site I was at, except that it was in Seoul and it was a blisteringly hot day.  Hundreds of spectators were seated outdoors for an event and the Korean organizers were handing out free visors for protection against the sun.  Initially I did not recognize them as sun visors.  To me, they looked like flattened tissue boxes – without the tissues.

Clearly though, I was the minority.  Most of the audience deftly folded out the cardboard, popped it on their heads and were ready to go.

If you were there, which audience member would you be?

Hints & Tips

Travel photos don’t have to be perfect. Sometimes what’s interesting is not so much what’s in the frame but the story behind the picture.

The novelty of the featured photo is the unusual shape and use of  paper visors.  The fun factor is the lone spectator who doesn’t quite get it right.   The back story is that it parodies the huge sun visors worn by some Korean women.

The back story doesn’t necessarily have to be explained. Travel photos are as much for you as for your viewers.  Or so I tell myself.

Photos taken in Seoul, South Korea.


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