Lens Artists Challenge: CAPITAL

This week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge #82 is hosted by Viveka and her prompt is: CAPITAL 

Spot Quiz: Name the only place in the world which is both city, state, capital and country.

If you said Monaco or Vatican City then you’re almost right.  They are two of only three city-states in the world.  However, the capital of Monaco is Monte Carlo and the Vatican has no capital city.

If you said SINGAPORE – You are absolutely right! Ring the bell and buy yourself a Kopi!

Singapore is a sovereign island city-state country in South East Asia.  It is located close to the southern-most tip of Malaysia and across from Indonesia. On the world atlas it is so small, it looks like the dot on top of the ‘i’ in its name. Even though it is geographically small, it is huge in terms of economic power and is a global financial hub for all the major banks and investment houses.

But enough already with the info-facts. Here are a few pictures of Singapore’s skyline.

I spent many happy years living in Singapore. I talk about it here in my blog. If you are interested, you can check it out by clicking through my posts here. 🙂

Photos taken in Singapore. 



  1. Wow, fantastic gallery – love that you have shot them in the dusk, the best light of day. It’s a magical city in many ways, it didn’t look like this when I visited in the late ’70s. That top image – stunning and with the couple on the dock .. that make the image alive. Thank you so much for wanting to play with me.

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    1. I imagine Singapore in the ’70s was quite different. I don’t know if you recognize it but the first picture with the bridge is the Singapore River. In ’70s the river was polluted and crowded with sampans,industrial bumboats, squatters and hawkers. In 1977 the govt kicked off an initiative to clean it up. You can see a before picture of the same bridge here https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/5-interesting-facts-about-the-singapore-river-clean-up. Thanks for visiting Viveka


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