Friendly Friday: All in a Row

Boys outside a barber shop in Bagan Myanmar

Amanda’s prompt for this week’s Friendly Friday Photo challenge is ALL IN A ROW.

I immediately thought of this photo.

Boys outside barber shop in Bagan Myanmar
Barber shop quartet.  Waiting our turn

Something about this picture has always intrigued me.

I see it now.  It’s a scene with all the elements of a classic Norman Rockwell tableau.  It’s in another place – Bagan in Myanmar – miles away from small town America, but small town all the same and reminiscent of a simpler time.

As I was looking through my Bagan photos, I found other pictures of people and things in a row.

On the outskirts of the market, a group of bicycle taxis wait for hire.  This form of taxi is common throughout South East Asia.  While many folk will walk to the market, those burdened down by purchases appreciate a ride home.  It’s the same of markets and taxi stands everywhere.

Bicycle taxi stand in Bagan Myanmar
Bicycle Taxi Stand

On this particular trip, I toured outside of the city to visit the temples of Bagan.  Most of them exist in the country side, on parched and scrabby wild lands.  By the road, I often saw shelters like these. They are water stations maintained by local farmers, for use by thirsty travellers.  In a land were transport is primarily by foot, this is a thoughtful act of kindness and generosity.

Roadside Water station in Bagan Myanmar
Roadside Water Station in Bagan

Many thanks to Amanda for giving me a chance to revisit my time in Bagan!

Starting next week  I will be co-hosting the Friendly Friday Challenge with Amanda.  I have some interesting and fun prompts in mind.  Come by next Friday for a look at my very first challenge.

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Until then, and maybe even sooner … I’ll see you in pictures!

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Photos taken in Bagan, Myanmar. January 2020





  1. That first one is a treasure. If you overlaid an oil painting effect, and printed it on a large canvas it would indeed be a masterpiece. These are fantastic shots and memoirs. I like that the prompts take us down memory lane. Was your visit to Myanmar, a recent one?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We visited Myanmar in early 2017, before the Rohingya crisis became world news. We travelled through Bagan, Inle Lake and Yangon and didn’t go to the border states which were flagged as restricted travel areas. The areas we visited were gorgeous, the people kind and the vistas incredible. It was in Yangon I first appreciated how political the Buddhist monks can be. Before that, I’d always thought of them as pacifists and non-secular. Tidings of news to come, I guess.

      That’s a long answer to your question, but it touches on something I’ve asked myselt. Would I have visited Myanmar knowing what was going on with the Rohingya? Probably not, but then I would have missed so much.


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