Wordy Wednesday Travel Photo

Saigon street scene with three ladies in Cholon market

A Facebook friend of mine challenged me post 10 Wordless Travel Photos  – one picture a day with no description or explanation.   I took up the challenge and started flipping through my archives to select some favorites. This turned out to be easy.  It’s quite liberating to choose photos with no constraints on theme.

Since my Facebook world and WordPress world rarely overlap, I’ve decided to share some of these photos. Not being inhibited by the wordless rule, I’ll add a bit of explanation on why it’s a favorite.  If applicable, I’ll also add a few tips or lessons learned in taking, finding and recalling photos.  Let’s call this my Wordy Wednesday travel photo post.

Saigon street scene with three ladies in Cholon market
Cholon street scene

This is one of my favorite street scenes in Saigon’s Cholon market.  The body expressions of all three ladies are priceless. The duo in the center are caught mid flight in conversation (local gossip, perhaps?) while a third passes by, busy in conversation on her phone.  It’s so typical of Saigon, where daily life takes place in the open market and everyone is in a state of constant or potential motion.

Hints & Tips 

Finding this photo on my computer for Facebook was easy. Finding it on my WordPress Media archive was harder.  On my computer archives (in Lightroom) I keep my photos tagged by country, date and content.   In WordPress, I normally just upload the files.

That’s a mistake.  Trying to find a photo in the WordPress media library which can only be filtered by date, is not fun.   Not having any Search words on a image file is not a good idea.

Tip#1 – When loading media files, always add descriptive text in ‘Alternative text’ , ‘Description’ and ‘Caption’ fields.  It’s good SEO practice for image searches for both your reader and you.

So that’s it for my first Wordy Wednesday Photo post.  Do you like it?  Would you like to join in?  Go ahead. Use my tag Wordy Wednesday.  If it catches on, I might even do this for all ten photos!


Toronto, Canada.  January 2020


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