Lens Artists Challenge: Finding Something Red

Man painting red latern for Chinese New Year

Lens Artist Photo Challenge #88 is: FIND SOMETHING RED 

This is easy. Afterall, it is Chinese New Year today!

January 25, 2020 is the first day in the lunar year of the Rat.  Anyplace where there’s a Chinese presence will have red and gold  decorations everywhere.

A traditional CNY ornament is the red lantern.  In Singapore, leading up to the season, stores stock up on red lanterns for sale.  I remember capturing this scene in an old Chinatown mall.  One wholesaler was stocking up on inventory while another was busy customizing them with traditional sayings and well wishes.


Around the world, Chinese communities will have lanterns on display but did you know that 80% of all lanterns in China  are made in one small village?

Looking at this video of Tuntou, I am reminded of my time in Beijing where grey and white winters were relieved by broad slashes of man-made color. Beijing’s bitingly cold winters were so different from Singapore’s hot humidity but both places were alike in their joyous CNY celebration and emphasis on family reunion.

Now for something else completely different.

This video popped up on my YouTube feed today.  I felt energized by simply watching it. It has absolutley nothing whatsoever to do with Chinese New Year but it fits perfectly into the challenge to FIND SOMETHING RED.


Toronto, Canada.  January 2020


  1. What wonderful, joyous videos and shots featuring red items. The Chinese New Year is a perfect choice. I had no idea most of the lanterns were made in one village. Fascinating. Thanks for joining us, Sandy!

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