The Weather Outside

I’m not complaining but it’s been a wierd winter in Canada.

Normally, January in Toronto is unpleasant. Normally, I’m ankle deep in slush, slip sliding my way on sidewalks and constantly shovelling snow from my driveway. Normally, I’m thinking “Why am I here vs. thereon Vancouver Island where the winters are so much milder?

But this is not a normal winter.  Toronto has been positively balmy all week with above zero temperatures.  It’s 3°C outside and my driveway has been rain-washed clean and clear for days.

Meanwhile on the East coast, Newfoundland is expecting 75 cms of snow and 120 km winds. This on top of a 30cm snow dump from last week.

On the West coast,  serial snow storms have crippled parts of Vancouver city. Metro transit delays were so bad, they told morning commuters to ‘just give up and go home.’ On Vancouver Island heavy snow (10-20 cm where normally they’d have none) and hurricane force winds have closed schools, delayed traffic and cancelled all ferries to the mainland.

The B.C. weather was so bad, a special appeal* was sent to would be criminals to avoid doing ‘Bad Things’ and ‘being nice for a change.’

Canadian police are so polite.

In my other home town of Ucluelet, snow blanketed the area.

This video shows the Wild Pacific Trail. It’s beautiful but surreal with all the snow covered scenes. It’s familiar but unfamiliar at the same time.

Meanwhile, as I’m  writing this post, a weather alert comes through for Toronto and region.

“Snow expected this week-end with strong winds and falling temperatures. This could be the start of the more “typical” winter weather as colder conditions lock-in for the second half of January.”

Well. That’s. Just. Great.

Toronto, Canada. January 2020

* Clarification: The Nanaimo RCMP didn’t really issue this tweet.  It originated from a fake handle by a satirical group. Nonetheless, other divisions re-tweeted and endorsed the feeling. Canadian police are not only polite, they’re nice too.

Featured photo by Ukeedaze.


  1. Interestingly I have an error message telling me my country has blocked the video! But I can read the text and see the lovey wintry pictures. So the real winter is in some spots and yet to hit in others. Stay warm and safe, Sandy.

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  2. The video is blocked in my country (Italy) for some reason. The police are really nice to retweet a satirical tweet (believing it to be legit?). Norm in his deep suburbs of Montreal tells me they expect -23 C tomorrow. Good to know that it’s still cold somewhere…

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    1. I’m sorry it’s blocked. Not sure why.
      Absolutely, it’s cold. Montreal can have brutal winters and Northern Ontario (I’m in Southern Ontario) it’s routinely -30 C. Canada is a big country, the bad weather is just taking it’s time getting to balmy Toronto.

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  3. Here is P.A. we’ve had one of the mildest winters and the least snow in a long time. Saturday is supposed to bring an ice storm and ten degree temps for the week so yes, its either global warming or just a weird winter.

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