January Doldrums

The first days of a brand new year and I am plagued with little annoyances.

  • News-feed articles with comments riddled with uninformed opinions. “Y2K was a hoax!”  “Climate change is a hoax!”
  • My long anticipated class on Northern Italian Cooking is cancelled.  Good-bye Gnocchi, Risotto and Osso Bucco.
  • The Christmas socks I ordered online arrived two weeks late and one size too small.

It’s inevitable. The January doldrums are settling in. After a month of holidays, good cheer and festivity, there’s only one way for spirits to go. Down.

Normally I plan ahead.  I line up things to do.  Like kicking back and reading more.  Or enrolling in classes to learn new things.  Look where that got me.

But wait up … I just had a conversation with Amanda from STPA about thinking positive and anticipating good luck.  So maybe I will  turn that frown upside down. I hear your collective groan. Cynics, be gone!

I will make some new resolutions.

  • I will turn OFF my Facebook News-feed.  Nope. That’s unrealistic.  I will MUTE my Facebook News-feed and I will NOT read the comments.
  • I will re-enroll for a class in Indian Cooking.  Butter chicken, Lamb Biryani, Pork Vindaloo – here I come.
  • The Christmas socks?  I hear the Pook Toque will make a comeback in 2020.  All I need is a needle, some thread and a whole lotta yarn.

Toronto, Canada. January 2020



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