The Day After New Years Day

According to my computer, today is the Day After New Years Day.

That’s no surprise.

The surprise is that it’s a holiday in Quebec, Canada.

I tried to find the significance of the holiday but Google failed me.

Google told me that The Day After New Years Day is January 2.

Undaunted, I did more research.

Turns out that The Day After News Years Day is also celebrated in New Zealand, Rwanda, Romania, Cooks Islands and Samoa. Philippines observed it once in 2015 but decided it wasn’t a good idea.

I’m not from New Zealand, Rwanda, Romania, Cooks Island, Samoa or Quebec but it seems to me that this is an excellent idea.  We should all celebrate the day after a holiday with day off.

Happy Day After New Years Day everyone!

… and I promise, that’s the last last last time I’m wishing anyone Happy xxxanythingxx. 

At least, until February 15th.

Toronto (which is not in Quebec), Canada.  January 2010


  1. Haha, I would love an extra holiday! I’m not sure if I recall correctly but I think in Malaysia, if a public holiday was on a weekend, you’d get Monday off??? No such luck over here!

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    1. Thats true of other places too, Canada included. Most holidays though seem to be defined as ‘the nth day of a month’ just to avoid the issue. The exceptions are Christmas, Boxing day, New Years and July 1 for Canada Day …. except for Quebec, but thats a longer story 🙂

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