Lens Artist Photo #77: Favorites of 2019

The weather outside is frightful.  Freezing rain, sleet and ice pellets with a severe weather warning for most of the Greater Toronto Area. It’s only December and there’s at least three more months of winter ahead.

It’s no surprise that my favorite pictures of the year are those of the beach.

I love the sight of people and kids enjoying the beach.  I  can’t always get their facial expressions but their body language says enough.

But no one can be joyful all of the time.

The Pacific coast can be moody and changeable.   I like this photo as it  reminds me so much of my teenage years when I was moody and changeable.  The figures seem to embody all the emotional angst of youth – hope, confidence and vulnerability.

The Pacific is not only changeable, it can be dark and foreboding.  Pretty much like these young men who seem poised on the cusp of great drama.

These are my favorite photos of the beach and despite (maybe in spite of ) the winter months ahead,  I look forward to the beach in 2020.

This post is brought to you by  Lens Artists Photo Challenge #77: Best of 2019.

Photos taken in Vancouver Island, Canada. December 2019







  1. They all tell stories…beautifully photographed, Sandy. My favorite is the surfers – and the children playing. All the best for the new year.


  2. You have a great talent in photography, Sandy. I love how you capture the seashore on foggy morning and your backlit shots. Thank you for sharing your favorite with us.
    Wish you the best for 2020!

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