A Sign of the Times

How much cash do you have on you? Right now, in your wallet?

How much do I have?  I’m not sure but I do know one thing. It’s the same amount as I had three weeks ago because I haven’t spent any of it.

Sure, I spend money all the time  but it’s all been with plastic. I tap and pay with my card for everything.  Even if it’s a cheap cup of  coffee.  It’s easier than counting out and worse still receiving back, all that change!   The only time I  soil my hands with money is when I use a dollar coin to unchain a shopping cart for groceries.

So I shouldn’t have been surprised to see this sign in a downtown restaurant.

I’d ducked into a ramen shop for a quick lunch.  Tucked in with the Japanese pepper flakes and Monday Specials was a sign indicating this was a Cashless enterprise.  They accepted eight different types of payment – plastic and electronic – but cash was not one of them.

It’s a sign of the times.  Much like the public telephone booth, cash will soon be a modern day anachronism.

And in the meantime … I really need to get rid of all that loose change accumulating on my beside table.

Toronto, Canada. November 2019






  1. Indeed. Singapore is almost cashless. W are heading the same way. My kids rarely have large amounts of cash on them. The only time to get stuck is if we go to a street market – the stalls are cash only!!

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    1. Funny. I was just talking with my friend living in Singapore. It all depends on where you shop – at the local markets and food courts ‘cash is King’. At the indoor shoping malls and downtown core, cards rule. IMHO i’d say that Singapore is behind Canada in being cashless. But the SG govt has said they will be cash free by 2025, so they will catch up and surpass us pretty quickly. Thanks for pointing it out… I wouldn’t have looked up the MAS initiative.


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