Friendly Friday: Whereabouts

It’s getting cold out there.

The last of the autumn leaves have blown away and my neighborhood is a swamp of soggy lawns and leaf clogged roads.

Whereabouts I live in Southern Ontario, we have moderate weather in October.  There are weeks when the nights are brisk but the days are sunny and the fall colors brilliant. That’s behind us now. Halloween was a thoroughly wet and windy day. But at least we only had rain. In Northern Ontario they had 15cm of snow. Snow? SNOW!!

Living in a large city, it is easy to forget how life used to be. The “Hungry Month of March” is a Canada Film Board documentary set in Newfoundland.  It shows how folks used to live off the land. The hungry month of March refers to the consequence of not laying down provisions before winter. The growing and hunting seasons  of summer and fall were critical to survival.

I’m glad I don’t have to worry about such things. It may be cool outside but I have a hot cup of tea by my side and I can reminisce about October  while saying hello to November.

Walking about Collingwood

Bird Hunting

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Today’s post is brought to you by Friendly Friday: Whereabouts

Toronto, Canada. 2019


    1. My neighbors dont love me for it but on our street my front is positioned at the right angle.and wind direction so that all the leaves blow yard and onto theirs. I dont actually have leafy trees but we’re at a dead end and there’s a wind tunnel effect. Luckily they have a landscaping service and it keeps the young men employed 🙂

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