Filling the Frame

Lens Artist Photo Challenge #66 is FILLING THE FRAME

Patti gives some advice in this week’s challenge

.. think of the frame as the edge of a photograph, or the edges of the viewfinder that you use when you raise the camera to your eye.  The advice to fill the frame means to get in close, and make sure your subject occupies a significant amount of space in your shot.

She has a great example of how a photo is given impact by zooming in closer. I know that feeling. I’ve taken similar pictures of awesome statues with less than awesome results.

I will add though, that when telling stories it’s a good thing to mix up shots.  Telling stories, jogging memories – it becomes the same thing, depending on how far back the archives go.  It’s always a good idea to step back and take a few context shots along with the close-ups.

I once went on photo walk in Singapore’s Fort Canning park. Lining one side of the park was a magnificent wall mural. Carved in stone, the wall gave a visual history of the aboriginal Malay people. Fresh from my (first!) class on photography, I took my instructor Keith’s advice and moved in close, looking for shots with a direct line into the statues’ eyes.

Five years later I’m grateful that I took one picture with a view of the entire wall. It gives context to the individual images. It even includes Keith, arms akimbo and two strides away from admonishing me for not being close enough.

Photos taken at Fort Canning, Singapore. 


  1. Wonderful post. Great photography advice, too. I think it’s true. Varying the shots is important to give a total picture of a scene. The details in that wall are terrific. The texture is marvelous.

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