Saigon Moto’s

Cee’s Black & White Photo challenge is anything with one, two or three wheels.

For motorized two wheel vehicles, nothing can compare to motorcycles popular in Vietnam and most of South East Asia.   For reasons of economy, compactness and design these vehicles are a favorite.

I once did a walking tour of Saigon’s flower market and in between dodging the moto’s in the street and the market stalls, I took some wonderful street photos.  I love the colors of Saigon and for a glimpse you can have a look here.

For purposes of today’s B&W challenge though, here are a few that give sense of the place.

Tucked away in one alley, we found a local body shop.  The owner was an ‘Easy Rider’ enthusiast and was only too pleased to give us a picture.

My absolute favorite shot was of this old gentleman.   He was the resident ‘keeper’ for the vehicles parked on his corner.  To the right you can see someone delivering breakfast to the shop keepers. It was around 8 AM but vendors had already been working since 2 AM, so this was probably lunch rather than breakfast.

Photo’s taken in Vietnam. 2015


    1. Even walking is insane.

      On main roads, there is always a steady stream of traffic – it never stops & there are no cross-walks. To cross you have to forgot the laws of self-preservation and walk into on-coming traffic. The sea of motorcycles will go around you. Car & buses are a little trickier and you should avoid those by slowing down & letting them pass. The key is to keep walking & always go forward. Running, stopping and turning back are sure fire ways of getting run over.

      It’s never occurred to me to drive or ride here.

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