Rainy Day Blues

From west coast to east the forecast has been rain, rain and rain.

We all know that rain is good.  It feeds the water ways, the plants, the fishes.  Over the last weeks, two different people on two separate occasions told me that rain is good for the fishes.

If I was a fisherman, I’d be happy. But I’m not and constant rain makes me blue.

Having said that, I am an occasional street photographer and there is one good thing about rainy days. They make good picture opportunities.

This picture was taken in Singapore. I was hiding in an office overhang, juggling with my umbrella and camera. The street scene was pretty iconic, typical of a weekday afternoon in Singapore’s rainy monsoon season.

Today’s photo is brought to you by Friendly Friday’s Photo Challenge: Blue

Photo taken in Singapore, 2014


  1. Well now I know where all our rain has disappeared to! It is dry as hay here! Bushfires are rampant and towns are running out of water. Despite this, your contribution to Friendly Friday is awesome. I love the speed blur and the blue umbrella

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    1. Last year we had a very dry summer in British Columbia – wild fires were rampant & it was high alert everywhere. This year has not been so bad. It’s only in the last week we’ve been swamped – one whole month’s worth of rain fell in 4 days. And by the way, Ucluelet is the 4th wettest city in all of Canada 🙂

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      1. This becomes the problem of climate change, and weather patterns generally, doesnt’ it? No smooth or consistent pattern, but the wild fluctuations do seem to be getting wilder. It would be so hard to be a farmer and reliant on this sort of conditions. I imagine wild fires could be terrifying in BC, with all the forestry?


        1. Exactly. Wild fires and forests are no joke. 2018 was a bit of a disaster up & down the west coast for US & Canada. Given the evidence, it’s hard to see how anyone can deny climate change. But there are denial-ists, some in very high places. Unfortunately.

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