Ubud Market

On Friendly Friday I featured ‘Lady in the Shadows’ taken while I was looking for overhead shots of a market in Bali.

I was in the mountain town of Ubud and like all markets in this part of the world, it was a morning market. It started early in the morning when everything was still dark and dawn was just a distant promise. When I arrived, the sun had just broken and the market was in full swing.

Next to the market was the shell of an old, multi-level building. At one time it may have had aspirations to be an indoor market but it was mostly abandoned now. All the commerce activity was in the plaza.

Walking up the stairway I was attracted to this window.  Framed by shadows, the luminous market scene shows the busyness below.

On the second floor of the building, I found the overhead shots I’d been looking for.

From this vantage point, I had a good view of the vendors and their tables. Away from the crush of people and motorcycles I could focus on the neat displays of bananas, vegetables and fried crackers. Interspersed with produce were the makings of canang sari – flower offering offered up in daily prayers. As essential as food, canang sari are purchased daily and offered up in temples and shrines around town.

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Photos taken in Ubud in Bali, Indonesia. 2015


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