Friendly Friday: Ignored

Friendly Friday’s challenge is IGNORED   and for us to ‘hero something that has been ignored, overlooked, discarded.’

This is a tough one.  I don’t normally take pictures of stuff I ignore. Else wise I wouldn’t be ignoring it !  🙂

I do however have pictures of people ignoring each other.

And ignoring me.

Stranger in the park (Cuba)

But perhaps this is the most fitting.

I was scampering through an abandoned building looking for overhead street shots of a local market.  In the shadows of a receded stairwell, amid a mess of paper, plastic and market detritus was this lady.  Hidden in the dark, she was ignored by the teeming masses of people shopping nearby. Or perhaps she was ignoring them.

I waved hello, took a quick picture and kept on going. It was a dodgy shot. The light was bad and I was in hurry. But with a little LR magic, here’s the lovely reveal.

Lady in the shadows (Bali)



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