This week’s Lens Artist Photo Challenge is SEASCAPES

One of the realities about living on the coast is that the weather changes on the dime. It’s a perk if you’re land bound (like me) but a pain if you’re a seaman (not me.)

In the morning it can be foggy and pea soup murky on the water. The cold mist envelopes the coast and the sound of the lighthouse buoy is an eerie but comforting sound in the distance. By late morning, the cold Pacific front is stil  fighting the sun but you can see the sun rays edging through.

By mid-day the sun wins the battle, the fog disappears and clear blue skies appear. Quick to take advantage of  good weather, sailing yachts and motor boats  speed out to open water.

By night a setting sun paints a brilliant sky. The colors are incredible and there’s nothing to do but watch until everything fades to black.

Ucluelet, Vancouver Island. July 2019


  1. I love this series, from morning, to mid-day, and to sunset. Beautifully captured.
    Wonderful to see the changes from the same spot. Brilliant take on.
    Thank you so much, Sandy! 🙂

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