Borscht Soup in Hong Kong

The Sandy Food Chronicles

The last time I was in Hong Kong I ate at a neighborhood ‘diner’ style restaurant. They had a similar layout to the familiar, western style diners – leatherette banquettes, sticky ketchup bottles, surly wait service and plastic covered menus. The menu’s were a mystery, full of Chinese characters and colloquialisms which Google Translate had a hard time deciphering. Luckily for me, some items were in English and I found unexpected western classics like steak, club sandwiches and borscht soup.

Here’s an article which outlines the interesting history behind how this Russian dish became a Hong Kong staple.

“How Russian borscht became a Hong Kong staple” – Terence Lau

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    1. So nice of you to say Mike 🙂 If you think they are other foodies out there who are *not* interested in recipes and Instagram-pretty food pictures … ? Good idea though. Maybe I’ll do a feature post to build awareness. Thanks for the suggestion!


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