Sister Surfergettes

It’s the one year anniversary for the ladies behind the Lens Artists Photo Challenge.  To celebrate Tina, Ann-Christine, Patti and Amy have made Challenge#53: an Open Topic with an optional choice of themes from Friendship, Special Country, Imagination or Connected.

With such a range and selection, I thought I’d go with this photo. It’s in tribute to the four gals who’ve connected in friendship and inspired the imagination in weekly challenges where I’ve shared pictures of Canada, a very special country and the best place in the world to call home.

I am a beach-hugging spectator fan of surfing but I have heard that it can get pretty intense on the waves. Twenty years ago there weren’t a lot of women in the sport.  Today, things have changed and there are almost as many women surfing as men.  Still it is unusual (for me) to see a group of female only surfers.

I don’t know if Tina, Ann-Christine, Patti and Amy have ever gotten together and surfed.

Maybe, this is what they would look like 😉

Long Beach, Vancouver Island. July 2019




  1. Wonderful post, Sandy. Your image is gorgeous. I love the light in it and the sepia tones. It fits the challenge perfectly! Thanks so much for joining us this year. I don’t think you’ll see Amy, Tina, Ann-Christine and I surfing together, but I’d like to think we’d look like these 4 beautiful, strong women!! 🙂 🙂

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