Between the Lines

Today’s Friendly Friday’s Challenge is ‘Between the Lines’

What seagulls are to Toronto, raven-crows are to Ucluelet.

I say raven-crows because I have a hard time distinguishing between the two. Both are jet black with beady eyes and unfriendly looking beaks. They are relentless predators of unwary hamburgers and unprotected fries. I’ve had many stare downs with these bandits. Sometimes, when glaring into their single cocked eye, I channel Clint Eastwood and think “Do ya’ feel lucky, punk?”

Side by side, ravens are bigger than crows and according to recent research, they make different sounds.  Crows go “caawwh” and ravens go “ackk.”

This is a picture of a raven. I think.

It’s challenging to take good pictures of raven-crows.  With their solid black, light-sucking features, I can only over-expose the background and hope for a clean profile or a few well placed highlights.

I’d taken these shots while walking through a forest. It was spring and the tree foliage hadn’t all come in yet.  With the help of Lightroom’s Infra-red preset, the branches became a mesh of boughs and lines. They offered an interesting backdrop for the raven perched between the lines.

Ucluelet, Vancouver Island.  July 2019





  1. Nice shots. It may be a raven as it has a huge beak. I also have trouble taking pictures of crows due to the exposure. They are so dark that my camera sometimes can’t cope.

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