Three of Kind

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is THREE.

In the spirit of fun and a stretch of interpretation, I’m sharing three photos of a kind. They were all taken in Cuba and they were all processed with a Pop Art treatment from a recently discovered app.

Nexmuse is an application that makes art out of photos.  I stumbled on it’s website, sampled the tool and was delighted with the possibilities.

These photos were processed with a Nexmuse style called ‘Pop Art Red’ and it transformed some OK photos into special images.

As an example, the featured photo was one in which I was originally disappointed. My intent had been to do something with shadows but I found the end result murky and uninteresting.

With Nexmuse the elements that had been distracting became key strokes of color and line.

I’d like to claim that the Pop Art Red version was what I’d originally intended and the composition was just better exposed with this form.  Heh. Heh.

I do love technologies that make me feel like I have talent. Don’t you?

Anyways, I recommend having a look at Nexmuse.  Then dust off some rejected photos and see if you can discover the image you originally saw.

Photos taken in Santiago de Cuba in 2018. 


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