Outside the Frame

It had been raining for two days.  The sun finally came out, just in time for sunset.  The overhanging clouds and muted light made for beautiful colors and tones.

Hubby and I went to Long Beach to take advantage of the light.  Others on the beach included young folk coming off work and squeezing in a couple hours of surfing; muffled up beachcombers hunched over from the cold but enjoying the seascape and bemused photographers shooting scenes and getting in each other’s frame.

There were four of us with cameras. As often happens, Hubby and the men gravitated to each other, eventually coming together to compare notes/lenses/history or whatever it is that complete-strangers-but-cameras-in-common talk about.

They happened to make good subjects for the scene outside of the frame I was shooting.

In tomorrow’s post, for Wordless Wednesday, I’ll share what was inside the frame.

Long Beach, Vancouver Island.  June 2019




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