Friendly Friday: Shadows

re: Friendly Friday Challenge – Shadows

It’s not Friday but I’m contributing to this week’s photo challenge anyways.

It might even have been Friday when I took this photo.

Certainly, it was late in the day in Parc Sceaux. The rapidly setting sun was a sharp reminder that there was just enough time for a final walk or one last run.

In another part of Paris, this was a typical scene from our third floor apartment. The windows were always open and any conversation was an invitation for eavesdropping. Lucky for them, I don’t understand French much.

Photos taken in Paris, France. 2018


  1. Yes the first one is awesome. I agree with Snow and yourself. There is no deadline for the challenge so it doesn’t have to be a Friday when you post! Thanks ever so much for joining in. Was there a particular reason you chose monochrome?


    1. The challenges have been fun! Good question. I chose monochrome because it emphasized the leading lines & symmetry in the trees, the path & the shadows. This photo was horribly back lit and the colors were all washed out. The sun flare that in B&W gives the pic a certain ‘kick’, was a distraction in color. The runner too, was wearing a dreadful orange T-shirt which along with his NY Yankees cap was more than I wanted to see šŸ™‚ Thanks for asking. Sometimes it just as interesting to reflect on the why’s of a photo as the whats.

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