Cee’s Fun Foto: Smiles

re: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Smiles

Today’s challenge was an easy one.  Smiles.

I was lucky to pick-up  street photography when I was in South East Asia.  I was on a photo tour with Nathan Horton in Cambodia.  He coached us on taking pictures of the Angkor ruins but more importantly, on the art and ease of talking to strangers and taking their pictures.   Language was always a barrier.  Or maybe the lack of a common language made it easier to connect with people by smiling.  More times than not, I’ve been answered with a smile.

Here are some of the smiles  I’ve received during my travels. 

Guitar man in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Moto Man in Saigon’s Flower Market, Vietnam  

Two of kind in KL, Malaysia

Peanut kid in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Khmu Boy in Laos

Lady in cow field in Bagan, Myanmar

Photos from all over. June 2019

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