Friendly Friday: Design

This week’s Friendly Friday Challenge: Design was a tough one.

I don’t normally take pictures of well designed structures, buildings or art. And where I am now, on the edges of a Pacific rain forest, it’s harder still to find photogenic, man-made design wonders.

The last time I took a photo of an impressive piece of design was in Japan.

I’d gone into a 7-Eleven to buy fried chicken. If that sounds weird then it’ll be even weirder to hear that it was freshly fried, piping hot and delicious.

Almost as impressive as the chicken was the design of its packaging.

The hot chicken was served in a simple paper bag with instructions on how to transform it into a drumstick holder.  I happen to like chicken drumsticks and hate greasy fingers, so this was some kind of marvelous to me.  You can tell how impressed I was because I took these pictures.

Photos taken in Tokyo, Japan. 2017


    1. Tasty too! One of my favorite 7Eleven desserts was creme caramel sold in individual cup servings. Maybe you have them in Finland/Europe but here in Canada – I’d have to make them from scratch!

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