Friendly Friday: Chairs




re: Friendly Friday: Chairs

This week’s challenge reminded me of one of my last photo walks in Singapore.

It was in  Bukit Pasoh, an old retro district filled with colorfully restored shop houses. One shop house in particular caught my eye.   The orange patterned chairs and yellow walls contrasted sharply with the battered wooden doors.   Marilyn Munroe eyes and stacked tiffin boxes lured me in.  This was a quirky restaurant decorated with vinyl records and 70’s nostalgia. 

The signboard outside named the place. Or so I thought. I couldn’t read Chinese.  Careful inspection of the picture though, identifies the cafe as Eight. Located at 8 Bukit Pasoh.  Singaporeans may be nostalgic but they are efficient.

Photos taken in Singapore, 2017



  1. I wonder if Singapore is one of the countries where 8 means good luck?
    Oh but these photos are DELICIOUS!!! I happen to love yellow so that adds to it. I also love how you arranged them, very cool! And the first picture’s orange chairs are eye-catching. What a contrast indeed, well spotted!

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    1. Absolutely. Singapore has a heavy Chinese influence and eight is a lucky number. This business probably paid a premium for the address. Thanks for visiting & I appreciate your kind words 🙂

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