Eagle Spotting

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My Best Close-up of an Eagle

re: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Feathers

I’m not much of a wild life photographer. I don’t have the patience for it.  To photograph wildlife, I’d have to spend lots of time looking and waiting for something to happen. More often than not, something is nothing.  Plus, I’d have to lug around my camera with a heavy zoom. Unless I’m certain of a shoot, I never tote my camera and lens.

We live near a national park reserve, so loads of wildlife abound.  From our balcony,  I’m  occasionally  gifted with the sight of a bald eagle flying across the bay. It is a glorious sight. I rarely have my camera on hand and even if I did, I’d miss the joy of just watching the bird in flight.

Eagles on Big Tree spotter
Spotting eagles on Big Tree

The best way to photograph an eagle is to find it on it’s perch. The best way to spot an eagle is to spot the spotters.  They’re the folks with big lens trained upwards, standing still for inordinately long times. Sometimes when we’re  driving around I’ll yell “Eagle!” It’s not because I’ve spotted an eagle.  Rather, it’s because I’ve spotted someone spotting an eagle.

So what’s a girl to do with a challenge about ‘Feathers’?

I can share my best and only close-up of a carved eagle.

Or I can filch excellent photos from hubby, someone with no trepidation about toting big lens.

Eagles on Big Tree 2

Eagles on Big Tree

Ucluelet, B.C. May 2019

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