Walk About

Walk About-103619

I’ve been thinking about a new theme of photos.

I thought of quotidian except it’s such an overblown word for ordinary things.  But I want to share more than ordinary things. More than ordinary but less than extraordinary, because that’d make them phenomenal, and that’s really too hard to maintain as a theme.

I’ve settled on ‘Walk About’ because that’s what I’ll be doing – walking about and snapping unexpected scenes.

Like this one.  If I’d had staged it myself, it couldn’t have been a more perfect shot. But Tartan Window Cleaning had nothing to do with the Tea shop and Taco stall behind it. By the time I’d walked back, the truck was gone and the store fronts were back to being ordinary.

Ucluelet, B.C. May 2019





    1. Hmmm. I’m not a fan of ‘quotidian’ but you made me look up Ming Thein. He’s a serious guy. I’ll have to carve out some hours to view his site and figure out if I’m a fan 😉

      Thanks for dropping by Mike


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