It Begins with the Eyes

re: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Eyes

Eyes - Cuba-2150137

I’m a fan of street photography but when I’m on the street, I focus mainly on light and composition. It’s in the post-selection work that I look for finer details. For street portraits, it begins with the eyes and ends with context.

For this week’s challenge I share pictures from a trip to Santiago de Cuba.

I was tramping through the grounds of an industrial property when I noticed this fellow eating his lunch.  My first instinct was to turn away – I was trespassing – but then he waved hello.  Like everyone I’d met in that sleepy town, he was friendly and curious about what I was doing.  He told me about his work; it had something to do with digging utility poles and hauling them around in his ’60s-era truck.  My understanding was limited, I knew just enough Spanish to give an illusion of comprehension.  But I nodded wisely and asked if I could take his photo.

Eyes - Cuba-2150144

I met this other fellow several times during the trip.  He was a musician in the local band and I enjoyed his music in the town square and swanky hotel resorts. On this particular day he welcomed me to his workshop where he built and repaired guitars. Cuba is a resource poor country and musicians have a hardscrabble life. Even so, it’s clear that for some at least, their revolutionary leader is still admired.

Eyes - Cuba-2190520

Eyes - Cuba-2190508

Photos taken in Cuba, 2018


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