Setting up Home Again

Essentials of home

It’s official. We’re back, unpacked and set up.

The coffee’s been ground.
The sourdough starter’s been started.
And my pickled Ham Choy¹ is underway.

Everything’s in place … all the essentials of being home again.

Ucluelet. March 2019

1. A note about Ham Choy. This is less than scrupulous SEO plug. I have this other blog TheSandyFoodChronicles, for which I have a constant, steady and bewildering flow of traffic. It’s not that I post there regularly. In fact, I post there even more infrequently than here. No, the stream of hits is due to set of old posts on Ham Choy.

What’s Ham Choy? It’s a type of sour pickle used in a particular style of Chinese cooking. Apparently, not a lot is written about Ham Choy but a lot people search for it.

I make my own Ham Choy. It’s a mainstay of my pantry and an essential ingredient for making home-style comfort meals. It’s as necessary as … milk in mac n cheese, eggs in omelettes and ketchup on fries. In any case, my kitchen is not complete until I have a jar of Ham Choy on hand.

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