Cody’s Box

Cody's Veggie Box
Cody’s Veggie Box

Cody is an organic farmer who sells veggie boxes every other week or so.

In olden days people would push carts of fruit and vegetables around and call out what they had to sell. Housewives would poke their heads through the window, flag them down and buy the makings for dinner.

In new-present day, Cody pushes out a Facebook post:  He’s coming through town with boxes to sell!   I message him and he comes directly to the front door. First to Message, First to be Served.

The model doesn’t  work for big cities but it scales just right for Ucluelet.

So here’s my box of vegetables.

Gigantic Zucchini’s.  I’d heard that zucchinis can get big but this is ridiculous.

Kale.  Lots and lots of Kale. Much too much. I’m still trying to figure out why Kale is so popular.  I think it falls in the category of ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’

Basil. Last week I congratulated myself on buying a scant handful of basil that was just enough for a pizza and a pasta dish.   Now I have ten fistfuls. That’s a lot of pizza.

Dill. I wonder if it goes with Kale?

Rosemary. Ditto

Lovely Tomatoes. Red, yellow, orange and variegated.  No-brainers here. Sweet tomato, basil and Havarti salad. Roasted tomato flatbread.  Fresh tomato and garlic spaghetti.

White Cucumbers. Based on looks alone, they should be called Stunted Albino Cukes. Not appetizing?  White cucumber is better branding.

Green, Yellow and Purple Beans.   I’ll let you know if they taste different.

Grotty Real Garlic.  Garlic heads as they should look vs. the pristine white and flavorless 3-in-a-bag version.

Ghost Pepper bonus.   Cody asked me if I liked peppers and when I said yes, he reached into his secret stash and gave me one.  When I said I really liked Habaneros, he reached in and gave me another.  I web-searched this pretty thing and must say it looks like the Caroline Reaper.  Measured at 1,641,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) it is the world’s hottest pepper.  Is it really hot? I guess I’ll find out.

Ucluelet, BC. August 2018

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