Walk About: Big Beach

When it’s dark and overcast outside the best thing to do is … go for a walk.  It is the Pacific North West after all. There will be cloudy days.

Heading into Big Beach, we are reminded that this is wild country and we should look out for bears, cougars and wolves.


“Maybe we should start walking with your maraca shakers,” I said to Hubby.  “Then the bears would hear us coming.”

“Them and everyone else,” he said.

I was thinking about the surplus of  shakers and noise makers at home.

“In a pinch, we could also throw it at them,” I added.  “If they came too close.”

We didn’t see any bears, so we kept on walking.

On the way we came upon the remains of an ancient ship wreck.   It’s one of the mysteries of Big Beach, in that no one knows it’s identity or origin.  Given the rough seas, it’s no wonder that this stretch of coast line is called the Graveyard of the Pacific.


It’s easy to get lost in taking landscape pictures.  While the vistas are gorgeous, it’s the close-up shots that put you on the trail.

Heading back we took a short cut through the bush.

“There’s lots of berries here,” I said. “Stuff that bears like to eat.”

In fact, it looked like a bear might have been sitting here.

Those berries sure looked delicious.   I wonder what they would taste like?

“Come on,” Hubby said. “I can hear something moving about in there.”

Maybe I’ll try them next time.

Ucluelet, BC.  July 2018




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