Something to write about

Please Note: Despite imagery, Canada is not really an island 🙂

WordPress has been bugging me about my domain renewal.    It’s been a year since I purchased domain and I needed to rethink whether it was worth it.  Not the fee per se, rather the effort to maintain a blog.   After all, a lot has happened in a year.

When I first started I was living in Asia and wanted to chronicle bits and pieces of my life there.  After nearly ten years away though,  it was time to go  home to Toronto.   Lovely though it was to re-enter the familiarity of my hometown, there didn’t seem much newsworthy to blog about.

However, something’s about to change. My hometown is going to get a lot smaller.  Toronto will remain a 2.8 million metropolis (no fear there) but we will be moving to Ucluelet, with a population of 1,717.

I expect there’ll be a difference and maybe, something new to write about.

So I’ve decided to renew my domain and continue to post The Sandy Chronicles.  I have to change the blog’s tag line though.

Stay tuned for more about Exploring Life on the Edge.

Ucluelet, BC.  July 2018

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