Landscape photography is not my forte.

But given the coastal views in Ucluelet, British Columbia, I cannot but try.

Ucluelet – Stress Free Zone Ahead

Located on the westerly side of Vancouver Island (which on the west most side of British Columbia’s mainland), Ucluelet is this the rugged cousin of the more famous Tofino.

Amphitrite Lighthouse

It is well known for it’s black volcanic rock beaches and dramatic coast lines.  The Wild Pacific Trail starts at Amphitrite Lighthouse and loops up and along the Pacific Rim, with walking trails traversing cliffs and rain forest pathways.

North Pacific coast line
Wild Pacific Trail – one of many look outs

Closer to Tofino, the cliffs give way to stretches of  black-grey sand beaches.  Pounding waves make  this a destination spot for avid surfers …

Cox Beach

… and bicyclists,

Long Beach – Surf favorite

…  joggers and plain ole, laid back beach walkers – like me.

Ucluelet, British Columbia. June 2018

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